Triolion Video wall controller
Triolion Video wall controller

TMC6000-G2 adopts pure hardware system structure, which processes images with the use of fast internal bus, high band width and FPGA.

It is integrated with the functions of distributed and centralized controller, leading to quick start, stable function, mass IP streams processing and real-time display of images.

It supports signal overlapping, cutting and roaming. Different display layouts can be saved and retrieved.

All kinds of signal sources can be previewed and redisplayed.

Moreover, it supports 4K HDMI input, 4K IP stream inputs and 4K DP output.

TMC6000-G2 can be widely applied to control centers, such as Traffic, Electric Power, Telecom, Monitoring, Conference, Public Security, Military, etc.

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Product Features

1. Support IP Stream Decoding Function, such as IP Cameras(IP Decoding Card Needed)

2. Support 4K Resolution Base Image on Whole Video Wall

3. Support Signal Preview & Redisplay on Control PC, iPAD and Mobile Phone

4.  Support Customized Output Resolution under Different Groups

5. Support Redundant Power Supply

6. Support Hot-swappable Graphic Card, Fan and Power Supply

7. Support Automatic Temperature Detecting of Graphic Card

8. Support Virtual Mouse, Including Movement & Zoom of Signal Windows and Making Marks on Video Wall

9. Support Signal Cutting of Major Signal Window and Subsidiary Signal Window can be Operated

10. Support Highlight Cursor or Spotlight Function Based On Virtual Mouse

11. Support 4K HDMI Inputs, 4K IP Stream Inputs and 4K DP Output(4K Input/Output Card Needed)

12. Support Output Cards Devided into Different Groups for Management of Different Video Walls

13. Support Anti-burining Function for LCD Panels, with a Timing Cycle Scanning Black Line

14. Support Central Control Device, such as Crestron and AMX

15. Support C/S Client, Web Browser (iOS and Android) and APP Control

16. Support Multi-webpage Signal Sources (One Web Server) Displayed on Video Wall

17. Support Bezel Compensation Function for LCD Panel

18. Support Brightness/Darness Adjustmen of Output Signals

19. Support Rolling Caption

20. Support Signal Cutting Function (4, 9, 16 Sub-signal Windows)

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