Triolion Tech Helps the Public Transportation System to Escort the Safe City
In recent years, the incident of bus collisions in the bus has intensified. In the news reports, we can still see many bus drivers being detained. There are so many incidents of porcelain encounters. One major reason is that monitoring is not in place and there are loopholes in the monitoring mechanism. Many cases have shown that the failure to monitor the incident and the lack of valid evidence are the key to the court's difficulty in judging or even causing false and wrongful cases. In order to ensure the normal operation of the bus and the handling of some temporary conditions, Zhejiang Ningbo Fenghua Bus Company specially contacted the Triolion Tech. After learning the intention of Fenghua Bus Company, the Triolion Tech developed a DLP rear projection for the laser light source. Display unit.

The eight 67-inch DLP display units feature a new laser source. Industry users are familiar with the DLP display unit with small seams and clear and complete picture quality. The only drawback is that the brightness is not enough. The maximum brightness of the DLP rear projection of the UHP source and the LED source is around 1200 lumens. In some special environments, the DLP rear projection is forced to abandon its use due to its brightness limitations. The advent of laser light sources has made up for the shortcomings of insufficient brightness of DLP large screens, giving them a broader development prospect. The large screen installation method is diversified, and this large screen uses an embedded installation method. Only a large screen appears in the field of view, combined with a simple, clean background, which is pleasing to the eye.
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