Triolion Tech Creates an Intelligent DLP Display System for a Detention Center in Hebei
Triolion Tech has created an intelligent DLP large-screen display system for a detention center command center in Hebei. The project adopts 3*4 50-inch DLP display unit TRX6050L1, equipped with self-developed multi-screen processor and VGA matrix, combined with each front-end video capture device to obtain video images, perimeter alarms, patrol management and other information within its jurisdiction. To realize the status of each duty station in the detention center, the prisoner enters the real-time information sharing in the production area and living area such as the prison building and the production plant, and can take effective measures in the event of an emergency, and grasp the dynamics of the monitoring area in a comprehensive and real-time manner. In the first place, the monitoring area has a panoramic view and management is more convenient.
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