Triolion Tech Creates Intelligent LCD Splicing System for Wuhan Customs
Customs is the national entry and exit supervision and administration authority and implements a vertical leadership system. Wuhan Customs is located in Hankou Yanjiang Avenue, with jurisdiction over Hubei Province. It is directly affiliated to the General Administration of Customs. Its main responsibilities include: customs inspection, customs clearance, customs statistics, tax collection and management, crackdown on smuggling, intellectual property customs protection, processing trade, Bonded supervision, port management, etc.

For the speciality of Wuhan Customs, the company will create a 2-line and 6-column intelligent LCD splicing system with ultra-narrow LCD splicing unit TRD1064S3 with uniform brightness and 1366*768 resolution to achieve full-screen display and resolution overlay. Display ultra-high resolution system map, welcome words, etc., and equipped with color media TMC4100-5 processor, stable hardware design architecture, support 7×24 hours continuous operation, convenient and flexible control, dual backup redundant power supply, support power supply heat Backup, guarantee trouble-free time, support DVI, HDMI, SDI, RGB, VGA, composite video and other signal input, any signal window can be reduced, enlarged, roamed, superimposed or full-screen display.
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