Triolion LED Screen Boosts the Opening Ceremony of the 9th Wuhan Games
  • At the opening ceremony of the 9th Wuhan Games, Triolion Tech company participated in the construction of the big screen project as a professional large-screen manufacturer. In order to create a visual feast for the audience, the company cooperated with Wuhan City and Hongshan District. The two-level government jointly created an ultra-high-brightness P10 large screen covering an area of 625 square meters. The multimedia engineers equipped 9 LED-540 series videos for this large screen. The processor uses the industry's top image processing chip technology and has 12-bit digital processing inside to make the image clearer and more colorful. From the early stage of the project to the final installation and commissioning, the entire project took only one month. During this time, the engineers worked overtime, constantly debugging, and pursuing perfection. Finally, they submitted a perfect answer for the opening ceremony.

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