A group of Water Conservancy Dispatching Center in Ningxia Selected Triolion Tech LCD Splicing System
The water industry has a long history in China and is also a very intensive industry. Since 1998, the state has put forward the grand goal of building China's "digital water conservancy". "Digital water conservancy" is roughly composed of subsystems such as collection, transmission, storage, simulation and decision-making of water conservancy information. How to reproduce these large-scale integrated digital graphic information is the key to "digital water conservancy" One of the technologies.

The LCD splicing system created by Triolion Tech for a group water conservancy dispatching center in Ningxia is mainly composed of a liquid crystal display unit, a video signal transmission processing unit and an image control software unit. The liquid crystal display unit TRD1046S4 is an image display carrier, and the video signal transmission processing unit is a core. The video signal transmission processing unit includes a Triolion Tech TMC4100-5 processor and a VGA matrix.

The system adopts the front maintenance frame, and each splicing display unit can be ejected and pushed in separately, without affecting the normal use of other displays; full frontal installation, wiring, debugging and maintenance; great convenience in installation and maintenance.
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