01 Pre-sale service :

  • 1. We provide a 24-hour service hotline, the first time to receive your visit, understand your basic needs, and arrange the right sales staff for you.

  • 2. Our sales staff will select the most suitable large-screen display system engineering plan and quotation according to your project requirements, engineering characteristics and actual budget.

  • 3. We provide technical support for you, our factory products with instructions, product model specifications, control module implementation, use precautions, etc. will be elaborated.

  • 4.Our products use the full inspection method. The products will be tested by the quality inspection department before leaving the factory, and will be put into the market after the quality is guaranteed. We will also attach our product quality assurance book to provide users with product quality commitment.

02 Sale service:

  • 1. We will negotiate with you after signing the contract, and work with you to formulate the corresponding project implementation plan according to the characteristics of the project.

  • 2. We will assign professional engineers and technicians to the site within the specified period, and carry out the installation and commissioning work in strict accordance with the project implementation plan. In case of special circumstances, we need to modify the plan, we will discuss with you, and then modify the construction plan after obtaining your consent.

  • 3. We will provide you with comprehensive and professional technical training, including routine maintenance and usage rules. We will perform demonstrations on-site to your company's staff to help you become familiar with the proper use of the product.

03 After sales service:

  • 1. Our product warranty is one year. Five years of extended warranty and lifetime maintenance. We have a huge inventory of parts and components, and we can pick up the spare parts you need at any time, saving time and cost.

  • 2. We offer a 24-hour hotline service. We promised to respond within 2 hours of working time, and arrange the engineers to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible, and strive to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

  • 3. We will also provide you with lifelong software, hardware and software upgrades. We provide QR code anti-counterfeiting logo inquiries, and the products shipped by the company are all equipped with QR code anti- counterfeiting labels.

We provide two channels for users to check the authenticity of the product.

  • One: Scan the product for QR code and send it to the official WeChat “TRIOLION” to get quick product inquiries and get technical support.

  • Two: Call the National Unified Service Hotline 4000-430033 of the RX Technology to query the QR code for quick product inquiries and obtain technical support.

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